Specialized units


The Forrest County Sheriff's Office SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team is prepared to deploy in high risk situations. They're trained to operate in stressful and austere conditions to respond to calls that require a high level of tactical knowledge. 

Metro Narcotics and HIDTA

Forrest County Sheriff's Office has three deputies assigned to two separate task forces designed to find and eliminate the use and sale of drugs in our community. 

The 12th Circuit Narcotics Enforcement Team (Metro) as well as the HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) Task force are conglomerates of multiple agencies working together pursuing drug crimes. 

K9 Team

K9 officers are critical in drug seizures and search and rescue operations. Forrest County Sheriff's Office has two drug detection and apprehension certified canines as well as a search and rescue dog available for use. 

CIT (Crisis Intervention Team)

Crisis Intervention Team programs bridge the gap between police response and mental healthcare by forming community partnerships. CIT Training produces officers with insight into behavioral health crises and the system that provides services to individuals with behavioral health disorders. This training and knowledge allows officers to more effectively resolve crises by, when appropriate, divert these individuals away from the criminal justice system and into the behavioral health system. 

Reserve Unit

The Forrest County Sheriff's Office is fortunate to have a group of unpaid volunteers who dedicate at least 12 hours of service each month. These deputies meet the same standards, participate in the same training, and respond to the same calls for service full-time deputies are tasked with, yet they do so as volunteers. The Reserves are critical for operations as they provide valuable manpower on shifts and events and bridge the gap within the community.